Made from carefully selected reclaimed hardwood, Friendly Wall® panels have been conceived to inspire designers, architects and every single interior design lover. This decorative products, manufactured by Finium, is made and distributed here in.

This innovative and eco-responsible product can be installed within hours and will add value to your room. Get the perfect, original result quickly and efficiently by using Friendly Wall®

FriendlyWall was created with the environment in mind.

First, it is made in an FSC certified STD-04-004 manufacturing plant in Frampton, Quebec. Here are the key points of our eco- responsibility:

It is made low value reclaimed wood from the hardwood industries (maple, oak and walnut) cut to pieces to fit the FriendlyWall pattern allowing optimal use of raw materials entering our plant.

All finish not applied to our products is recovered. Since the finish is ultraviolet-cured, there are no emissions of volatile organic compounds, in compliance with the most stringent standards enforced by the Government of Quebec in environmental matters.

Uses glue that has a Tri-Tex water base. This glue is made of polyvinyl acetate emulsion best suited to hold the various pieces of the wall on the support panel.

Encourages the use of eco-friendly adhesive brands of glue for installation such as the adhesives offered by Titebond: Heavy Duty construction Adhesive, the Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive and Interior/Exterior Construction Adhesive.

Our supplier of varnish and stain confirms that all their products used for Friendlywall: Have a low impact on the environment, low VOC: between 0,00 and 0,040 KglL and are formaldehyde-free

Offer a higher level of durability (as stated under the AWI finishing system) concerning durability, abrasion resistance.

$499.99 - $568.50

Classik Collection / Baker Wall Paneling

Succumb to the charm of Chet Baker singing Time after Time. This stain, exclusive to FriendlyWall, reflects the sensitivity and warmth that only this great jazz master could provide. A unique process is used to carefully match the stain with each of the tones inherent in the natural grain of the ...
$499.99 - $568.50

Classik Collection / Davis Wall Paneling

Because this is presently the most popular color, we have dedicated it to the singer-songwriter who kept up with new trends throughout his career. Like Miles Davis, this maple wall imparts a daring touch of the modern to your decor. Not to worry, it is sure to adapt to the times! FREE SHIPPING! -...
$499.99 - $568.50

Classik Collection / Walnut Wall Paneling

Are you seeking the most prestigious of decors? Look no further: this walnut wall is the answer. The depth of the natural tones of the wood, varying from golden brown to darker brown are sure to meet your design expectations. Each room is unique, and yours to enjoy. FREE SHIPPING! -Made in Canada...

Hecolo Collection / Edinburgh Wall Paneling

A smoky result where the greyish green tones of oxidized copper underline the patina of history. A textured, intimate atmosphere, ideal for a masculine setting or to highlight strong contrasts. Imparts both an elegant and structuring effect. FREE SHIPPING! -Made in Canada -Low VOC and NO Formelde...

Hecolo Collection / Sao Paolo Wall Paneling

The light of the setting sun is captured in this luminous panel featuring a mixture of amber, gold and brown tones. A subtle yet unbridled effect. FREE SHIPPING! -Made in Canada -Low VOC and NO Formeldehydes -Made with reclaimed wood material -Easy to install -Warranty Information -Technical Draw...

Hecolo San Francisco - Wall Paneling

A veil effect not unlike the famed fog of this Pacific Coast city. A soft, enveloping atmosphere, invigorating yet peaceful at the same time. Ideal as a backdrop to exuberant modernism showcased in chrome and sparkling crystaL FREE SHIPPING! -Made in Canada -Low VOC and NO Formeldehydes -Made wit...
$489.99 - $568.99

Oilé Collection / Brisbane Wall Paneling

Veined wood that has passed the test of time, imparting character and history … nuances of discretion and refinement beautifully showcased at the base of a crackling fireplace chimney… FREE SHIPPING! -Made in Canada -Low VOC and NO Formeldehydes -Made with reclaimed wood material -Easy to install...
$429.99 - $568.50

Oilé Collection / Red OaK Dakar Wall Paneling

All the magic and character of richly veined, oil-treated wood presenting a silky smooth, organic result, almost feline in appearance. FREE SHIPPING! -Made in Canada -Low VOC and NO Formeldehydes -Made with reclaimed wood material -Easy to install *Wall panels are packed 6 per box, 5sqft per pane...