Flooring Questions

  1. How does it hold up in our dry climate?

    Compared to other hardwoods, it’s as stable as engineered flooring. All flooring has moisture in it, with industry standard being 8-12%. Ours leaves the factory with 6% moisture content, making it drier than your traditional hardwood, making it less likely to shrink. You must acclimate your flooring before installing it and test your moisture content of your subfloor and the hardwood. You are ok to install if it’s within 2%.

  2. I heard bamboo shrinks

    Some bamboo products out there may have tendency to shrink, warp or crack but it all comes down to the way it’s manufactured. Our low moisture content and the high density of our flooring also protects against any shrinkage. To prevent any occurrences from happening we recommend that you acclimate it before installing and follow the installation guides provided.

  3. Will it split or crack?

    No, this is due to two main reasons. One is the density of the wood. The other is the moisture content; it’s already as dry as it can be right from the factory. We also honour the integrity of the wood in a written warranty of 50 years for residential and 50 years for commercial.

  4. Why doesn't it dent like normal hardwood?

    This is in the way we manufacture it or Fossilize® the flooring. The technique creates a floor that can with stand over 5000lbs on the Janka scale creating the world’s hardest flooring. Nothing else comes close to our results.

  5. How does it hold up to scratching?

    Not only does it hold up to denting unlike any other hardwood but because of that density it also holds up better to scratches. We also apply an industry leading 10-layer top coat, with 4 layers of UV protection and 2 layers of aluminum oxide this prevents fading and scratches.

  6. Does it have harsh chemicals and glues?

    Although the wood and coating is very durable, the water-based, acrylic topcoat system is 100% environmentally safe and free of all harmful chemical compounds. All coatings are free of halogenated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, urea formaldehyde and any harmful emissions. We can provide the MSDS sheet upon request.

  7. Is this flooring good for big dogs, other pets or kids?

    YES! With the combined density and the 10 layer top coat Renegade Hardwood Flooring will stand up better than any hardwood product available. Please see our living proof videos of dogs, pony’s, high heels and even tap dancers putting our floors to the test.

  8. Is this a green product?

    Yes, for many reasons. Bamboo in itself is a sustainable product, regenerating itself enabling us to re-harvest the same plant every 5-7 years. We also don’t use any chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals or urea formaldehydes in our product making it low VOC. Our products qualify for LEED credits MR6, EQ4.1 4.2 4.4 and is offered as a product in the Built Green catalogue.

  9. How do I install it?

    You can Nail it down using cleats, glue it down or float it. It can also be installed over concrete and over radiant heat. See our guides for proper installation methods.
    Glue down
    Nail down

  10. What is the warranty?

    50 years on the finish and on the integrity of the wood.
    Commercial Warranty Information
    Residential Warranty Information

  11. If I install it myself will it still be covered under warranty?

    Yes, as long as the installation methods were followed properly and the guidelines in the warranty were followed as well. Simply submit the warranty sheet upon completion of the purchase of your flooring.

  12. Where does the flooring come from?

    We manufacture our flooring in the same place we grow and harvest it, in China and direct shipped to Canada. We have a large team of individuals that live and work right there with our product, ensuring quality work conditions and a quality product.

  13. Is there other colours available or does it come in a grey?

    There are other colours available but they would be a special order with a 6-8 week timeline for delivery. We chose to stock the most popular colours so that we can guarantee never to run out stock. We are working on manufacturing a new grey flooring colour. Please send us your contact info and we’d be happy to update you as we add new colours.

  14. What size do the planks come in?

    5 3/8” is our wide plank and 3 3/4” is out standard plank and all boards are minimum 72” long.

  15. Where can I buy this?

    You an order online direct from us through our contact form or phone our toll free #1-855-3BAMBOO(226266) and someone can take your order.

  16. Do I have to pay shipping and how much is it?

    Yes, when ordering direct from Bamboo Innovations shipping is extra. It will depend on where it is being shipped to and how many cartons. You can request a quote on through our contact form or call our toll free 1-855-3BAMBOO(226266). Each independent dealer may have different pricing that may or may not include shipping to your area.

  17. How soon can i get it?

    All in stock colours (Java, Natural & Antique Java) are shipped out in 1-2 business days. Special order colours take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

  18. How do I get samples of the flooring?

    You can order samples through our online Sample order form or call. You can also visit our retailers to view a sample board or Request a measure and one of our installers we bring samples to you.

  19. Can I get matching trims or mouldings for the flooring?

    Yes, please view our available mouldings and if you’re unsure what you will need you can call 1-855-3BAMBOO and someone from customer service can assist you.

  20. Why do I have to and how long do I acclimatize the flooring for?

    We suggest a minimum of 72 hours but every home is different. Please see the attached video for proper acclimation tips.

  21. Is bamboo flooring that is “Carbonized” harder than regular bamboo?

    NO IT IS NOT! It would be more accurate to call it Caramelizing (like an onion) You start with the straw like colour of natural bamboo & through intense heat, the sugars within the bamboo turn darker. While we associate the word Carbonized with hardening, it actually has the opposite effect. It can reduce the Janka Scale Rating by 30%.

  22. How is Fossilizing™ Different?

    Fossilizing™ is VERY different. It is all about hardening the bamboo. This Proprietary Manufacturing Process makes Bamboo Flooring twice the density of most traditional hardwoods. With a Janka Scale Rating consistently over 5,000, Fossilized™ Bamboo is the HARDEST Hardwood Floor in the world. Fossilized™ Flooring is the perfect balance of beauty & durability.

  23. What is the Janka Scale & Why do I need to know about it?

    Janka Ratings measure the hardness of flooring by pressing a steel ball into wood, up to the halfway point. The amount of pressure required to push the ball to that point is the flooring’s Janka Scale Rating. For example, Brazilian Cherry is 2350, Maple 1450 & Red Oak 1290

    ***Carbonized Vertical/Horizontal Grain Bamboo – 1350

    *** Fossilized™ Horizontal Grain Bamboo – 5,000 +

    So, quite simply, if you want your floors to look great, regardless of the amount of traffic Fossilized™ Flooring is the choice that makes sense. The higher the Janka Rating, the more durable the floor will be. It’s very important to know the Janka Rating on any floor you would consider installing in your home. Floors are a big investment in your home & no-one wants to see depreciation on any investment.

  24. Can I get a traditional hardwood look from Bamboo?

    Yes, Bamboo has come a long way. You can find Hand Scraped, Distressed, Natural, Modern Sleek plus matching transition pieces from almost all bamboo flooring companies.

  25. What’s the difference between Engineered Hardwood Floors & Fossilized™ Bamboo Floors?

    Both are very stable floors. Engineered Hardwood consists of 2 or more layers. The top layer is wood veneer (2-4 mm) & the bottom layer plywood, HDF or wood. They are bonded together & look just like a hardwood floor.

    Fossilized™ Floors are made by cutting random strips of bamboo & pressing them together under extreme pressure, along with special adhesives. This strand woven (Fossilizing™) process creates a random grain, similar to traditional hardwood floors, but with a superior strength.