Bamboo Incredisocks - White Ankle Medium

$18.00 CAD

Increases Circulation * Helps Foot Fatigue
Dress and Athletic * Pamper Yourself with Cushion

Incredisocks are made from 100% organic bamboo charcoal and natural fibers from five-year-old mature Moso Bamboo found high in the mountains of Taiwan. Bamboo charcoal has natural antimicrobial properties that eliminate odor and help to control athlete's foot. As bamboo charcoal is warmed up to body temperature, it releases good infrared anions that help to increase circulation. Incredisocks technologically advanced weaving machine creates a unique weave which provides incredible cushion and wicks away moisture, keeping your feet dry

(1) Great for diabetics
(2) Bamboo charcoal has natural antimicrobial
(3) Incredisocks's technologically advanced wearing machine creates a unique three - dimensional weave
(4) The more they are washed, the softer and thicker they become.