TWP-303 Bamboo Dark Oak Stain

$110.00 CAD

Get the most out of your bamboo fencing with TWP Wood Stain

The transparent natural wood tone finishes supplement and enhances the natural beauty of the bamboo grain and colour. The cured finish has superior UV, water and abrasion resistance. The finish is also extremely resistant to attach from mildew and wood destroying organisms. 

Bamboo Innovations recommends sealing your bamboo fence, poles or slats to give you the maximum protection from the outdoor elements. If you notice natural weathering such as mold or discoloration, it is a good time to clean and re-seal your fence. Oftentimes, a restored fence will look even better than when it was new.

Method of Application: 

Spray liberally with cleaning solution. Allow to soak for 15 minutes.Scrub surface with a nylon bristle brush, wipe away loosened residue with a towel.Allow 2 days for the bamboo to air dry.Apply the first coat by rolling or spraying the stain on and get rid of any runs by finishing with a brush. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines:

  • Do not apply below 10° Celsius, if rain is expected within 24 hours or if heavy dew is present.
  • Mix thoroughly before applying the first coat.
  • Allow 3 days for the first coat to dry thoroughly and assess if a second is needed.
  • For best results scuff up the first coat of sealant with a bristle brush prior to applying the second coat
  • Regular Maintenance - Sweep away foliage buildup from your fence regularly, especially where shade and water are abundant. Take measures to edge and trim the terrain around your fence.
  • Future maintenance - Clean and re-seal your fence every 5-6 years, or as needed depending on the regional climate conditions.